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*edit* amx_password_field change to "" didn't do anything:/ // AMX Configuration File echo Executing AMX Mod X Configuration File // Default access for all non admin players (see for access details) amx_default_access "z" // Name of setinfo which should store a password on a client (you should. Users configuration file. ; File location: $moddir/addons/amxmodx/configs/users. ini. ; Line starting with ; is a comment. ; Access flags: ; a - immunity (can't be kicked/banned/slayed/slapped and affected by other commmands). ; b - reservation (can join on reserved slots). ; c - amx_kick command. ; d - amx_ban and. files ¶. Since PHP , PHP includes support for configuration INI files on a per-directory basis. These files are processed only by the CGI/FastCGI SAPI. This functionality obsoletes the PECL htscanner extension. If you are running PHP as Apache module, ss files for the same effect. In addition to the .

The file in your addons/amx/config folder is where players are given admin priviledges under AMX. It contains the different levels of admin access for a default install. Below are some examples of how to set up admin access for your admins. The first part of the file is labeled "Access Flags". These letters will. Download default. Click here to get file. Open hlds cstrike addons amxmodx configs with text editor like notepad. How can i increase some php ?. Cs how to add/remove admins in amxmodx www .csa You can make yourself admin with your name, ip address or your steam. i forgot to backup my ini files and I want to test some stuff and compare them to the default user settings.

In the documentation it says: These files are processed only by the CGI/FastCGI SAPI. and. If you are using Apache, ss files for the same effect. So if you run PHP as an Apache module, from the commandline, or using the builtin- Server, -files are not processed. To find out your Server. Jun 24, Protect your server from issues due to customers overriding default PHP settings. Here're the steps to disable custom for Easyapache 4 servers. Copy file to the installation directory of the program that is requesting If that doesn't work, you will have to copy to your system directory . By default, this is: Windows 95/98/Me - C:\Windows\System Windows NT/ - C:\WINNT\System32 Windows XP, Vista, 7 - C:\Windows\System32 If you use a.


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