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Riviera-PRO™ addresses verification needs of engineers crafting tomorrow's cutting-edge FPGA and SoC devices. Riviera-PRO enables the ultimate testbench productivity, reusability, and automation by combining the high- performance simulation engine, advanced debugging capabilities at different levels of abstraction. Path Coverage Active-HDL Expert Edition and all Riviera-PRO configurations): Path Coverage is a debugging tool that collects information about the execution. Aldec, Inc. Riviera-PRO is the industry- leading comprehensive design and verification platform for complex SoC and FPGA devices. Riviera-PRO enables the.

UVM is derived from the Open Verification Methodology (OVM). UVM class libraries brings automation to the SystemVerilog language. It is completely focused upon Object Oriented Programming concepts(OOP). In this app-note we are going to discuss how to use Riviera-PRO for verification purpose using UVM ( Universal. This document describes how to start the Riviera-PRO simulator from Xilinx Vivado™ to run behavioral and timing simulations. This application note has been verified on Riviera-PRO and Xilinx Vivado This integration allows users to run VHDL, Verilog, Mixed, and SystemVerilog (Design) simulations using. Getting started with UVVM using Riviera-PRO. Introduction. UVVM stands for Universal VHDL Verification Methodology. UVM and SystemVerilog are the latest in market with their Advanced ASIC & FPGA Verification benefits, but they are definitely not the answer to all FPGA projects. For almost all companies using VHDL for.

Riviera-PRO is a multi-platform, high-performance, mixed-language RTL and gate-level simulator for ASIC and FPGA designs. It includes advanced debugging tools and support of advanced verification methodologies based on SystemC and SystemVerilog, Assertions Based Verification (ABV), Transaction Level Modeling . Riviera-PRO™ is a high-performance ASIC and large FPGA verification solution that is optimized for long simulation runs and batch processing. It is a stand-alone VHDL, Verilog, SystemVerilog and EDIF simulation environment that integrates seamlessly with other tools available on the market. The interface included in. Riviera-PRO - high-end HDL simulator targeting ASIC and large FPGA designs. Riviera-PRO extends Active-HDL's simulation features with support for advanced verification methodologies such as linting, functional coverage, OVM and UVM, hardware acceleration, and prototyping. Riviera-PRO is a new generation of the.


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